Focal Points

As a contractor of major players ZTH is also responsible for the approval and accompanying control in large-scale projectsThe skills range from numerous investigationsproject support to the planning of projects.

We have long-term experience in specialized areas, such:

  • Database systems
  • E-Government and eHealth
  • IT forensicscybercrime, cryptography and security
  • Software designdevelopment and quality assurance

Mission Statement

We guarantee

compliance with economic and safety-related quality standardsCivil Engineers / Chartered Engineering Consultants are committed solely to the contracting authorityare bound to secrecyand act independently of supply interests. Chartered Engineering Consultants equate to official experts and similar to notaries they act with public confidence.

Chartered Engineering Consultants

planadviseexamine, monitor, take measurementscoordinatemanage in trustdeliver expert opinionsrepresent before authorities take general planning ordersConsulting Engineers and  Architects form together the group of civil engineersThey are authorized by the state and sworn and they bear the federal coat of arms of the Republic of Austria as a sealCivil engineers and consulting engineers are called in more than 20 federal acts as a provider of expert opinionstest certificates or documents.